How to create fake WhatsApp screenshots

If you are not an expert in lying and often get caught, then this blog will help you.

Here you can learn how to create fake whatsApp screenshots within minutes without Photoshop.

First you need to install WhatsFake App from play store for Android phones.


Once the app get installed in your device, open it.

Please off the internet connectivity because this app loads ads which may slow the application.

Now click on chat icon located on bottom right

Once you click on it,

App will open a form where you have to fill chat name, status and profile picture.

You can also make this person online or can set last seen time 🙂

Click on save profile button located on bottom right

Now a new chat contact will be shown.

Lets create chat conversation

Click on profile, then type your side message.

Now to type another side message just click on options icon located on top right. Then choose option receiver.

Type another side message

Now to switch again click on options icon then select sender option.

Now you learn to switch from sender to receiver and vise versa.

Just create a conversation as you want then take a screenshot.

To press and hold a message, you will get 2 options

1st to delete that message and 2nd one to edit time of message.


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