Future of PHP

Before discussing future of PHP I would like to know you all that PHP is a server-side programming language which is basically designed for website development but it can also be used for a complex application just like Java or C.

PHP is a procedural as well as Object-oriented language.

And nowadays approximately 83% websites are using PHP as their server-side language.

Source: w3techs.com

There is a list of popular websites which are using PHP

  1. Facebook (Using HHVM and Hack – customized PHP)
  2. Yahoo
  3. Wikipedia
  4. WordPress.com
  5. Flickr


Now the question is being so popular and used by so many websites, PHP is not preferred by most of the developers and IT companies.


I am PHP programmer having experience of 4+ years. According to me, there are some main reasons why people are not liking PHP.

  1. Support:- PHP community does not provide good support and release for new versions are very delayed. Finally, after a long time, community launched PHP 7 which far better and faster than PHP 5.
  2. Missing multi-threading:- PHP does not support multi-threading. Nowadays everyone wants to save time, so multithreading is a very important feature of a programming language.
  3. Security vulnerabilities:-  These are the main security threats in PHP –
    • SQL Injection
    • XSS (Cross Server Scripting)
    • Source code revelation
    • Session hijacking
    • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)
  4. Weak Type:- PHP is a loosely typed language. Variables are not defined as a data type. Sometimes this creates confusions.
  5. Interpreted:- It’s not a compiled language which increases security threats.
  6. Not good for huge application:-  Experts say that PHP is not good for huge application due to complexity in file’s structure and directory management.

Source: w3tech.com

Versions Comparison:-

Recently PHP 7 is launched with some exciting features like

  1. Data type declaration (Optional)
  2. Function’s return type declaration (Optional)
  3. Anonymous classes
  4. Exceptionally faster than PHP 5
  5. Some new operators

But still, PHP 5 is being used in existing websites, because migration to PHP 7 is not so easy due to the removal of some deprecated functions.

Source: w3tech.com


After seeing some drawbacks about PHP, developers think to avoid PHP, but in reality, lots of application are based on PHP which is not easy to migrate.

Day by day percentage of PHP websites are increasing

Source: w3tech.com


Reasons behind the popularity of PHP are

  1. Now Laravel (PHP framework) is providing competitive features to make an existence in the programming world.
  2. There was some concern about speed but the new version of PHP is approximately 200% than it’s the previous version.
  3. Some CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento are coded in PHP and is used vastly in the market for setting up a site quickly.
  4. PHP is easy to start.
  5. Too many contents over the internet regarding PHP problems.


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