Formula to calculate developer’s salary in India

We did research on salaries for developers in India and figure out some main responsible factors which directly impact salary package.


In this blog, we are not considering salary of fresher employees.

We are also excluding employees of giant IT companies and employees having experience more than 7 years. As per our research developers generally get in to various senior level roles and positions, hence their salaries are not predictable.


These are the main key factors

  1. Experience
  2. Programming stack
  3. Job location


In a survey, we collected data from multiple cities, for multiple technology stacks and for people having different experiences.

Then we simplified the data, find patterns and created a simple formula. If we just take approximation of ±50k then this formula fits for 78% of employees of India.


S = B+E*T*L*1.1 Lakhs



B is base salary, it is an amount which does not depend on any factors, just a minimum amount which can be expected by any fresher developer.

As per our observation its value is 2.2 lakh.



E stands for experience. We are considering experience from 1 year to 7 years. Here is the value of this variable as per experience in years.

Experience in years Value of E
1 1.0
2 2.0
3 3.0
4 3.9
5 4.7
6 5.4
7 6.0



T is a value which depends on technology.

Technology can make difference of 1.5 times more salary than another salary for an experience of 2-3 years.

We consider some very famous technologies and accordingly you can find the value of T.


Technology Value of T
Java developer 1.65
iOS developer 1.6
Python developer 1.5
RoR developer 1.42
Android developer 1.4
ASP .NET 1.3
PHP 1.1



Location is also a main factor which affect salary. So in India L depends on some cities(geographical area) as shown in below table.

Job Location Value of L
Bangalore 1.7
Mumbai 1.55
Delhi NCR 1.5
Pune 1.35
Hyderabad 1.2
Other 1.0


Graphical representation of salaries, if we freeze technology as Python

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